This Love

I pour out my heart of love,
Words tumbling,
Emotion rising,
Passion surging forth.
I sing out!
It’s not enough, but how can I give you more?
You have all of me. Yet you deserve more than this.

Then you say “My love, just a glimpse of your eye will undo my heart.”

It’s all you ask.
My response,
A return of your love.
You provoke within me,
A passion ignited,
A commitment to follow after you.
My hearts response to your words
This is our love!

You are the author; you perfect our love.
My reply to your song with my own is our duet
A song echoed in eternity!
A bride and a groom.
A father and child.
In friendship, the greatest love song.
A battle cry, a victorious shout!
This love.

I Kiss The Son

I kiss the Son.
Dare I kiss the cheek of the Most High God?
Dare I kiss the cheek that carried the tears for my lost soul?
And my broken life, my wounded heart!

Dare I kiss the face of the man who is God?
Dare I kiss the one who took the hit for my pain?
My hateful rebellion and crippling shame!
Dare I kiss the face of the man who took mine?
Dare I kiss the man who made mine His own?
My empty heart, my conditional love!
Dare I kiss the Son, who is the king?
Dare I kiss the King of heaven?
Who reached for me and whispers my name!

In the dark I hear His voice, In the light I feel His Glory!

So, I kiss the Son, the Most High God.
I kiss my King, my own one
Who ravished my heart by loving me,
When I hated all and said “not yet!”
I kiss the face of the one who cried my tears.
I kiss the man who cried out for my sin
Who took what was mine and gave me His.
While I was unaware, while I was in the dark.

He stands so close and I feel Him near.
I kiss the face of the man who is GOD!
I kiss the Son.


Love Sick

I was heartsick before when you called me back.
Away from the liar and the noisy bustle of life.
You loved on me, as you restored and healed all broken, jagged parts of my soul.
Your fiery, intense love burned within me. Till the ashes revealed the beauty of you.
And now my identity is restored and I am whole.
I am His and He is mine.
This love exchange is real
Not just a God-man saving sinners,
But a lover king wooing a bride.

I was heartsick and now I am lovesick.

A true bridal romance, where I have stolen His heart and He has mine.
So much more perfect than we can imagine.
The ultimate love, so pure and divine.
I want to stay in this lovesick moment. To rest here and close the door.
The world has its delights, but can no way compare,
With this, this secret place.

This Space,

Where our love is exchanged.
Where I have ravished His heart too!
So that He rides over the mountains singing my name.
The intense burning in His heart for me.
A pure, jealous love that roars.
For every unsurrendered part of my heart,
For He is lovesick too!

A True Romance

A swirling, rising swell lifts my head.
My spirit-man is pulling me up to look upon the face of my Lord.
My King, my friend.
What can I offer? mere words to express?
Oh, the incredible joy at the knowledge of you.
Creator God, Infinite one, Papa.
I have come to bow before your throne.
My face looking for yours
My depths call to the depths of you.
Deep to deep, heart to heart, a true romance.
It is your Beauty and splendour that delights my heart.
And yet! And yet!
It’s my delight that conquers yours.

Sweet Bliss

Sweet joy fills me up and I rest.
I laugh and smile for I am blessed.
He sings sweet music my heart to possess.
I sing sweet worship with all of my breath.
So, our duet is poetry, music, song.
For the bride and the bridegroom together belong.
He dies and she lives and victory is won.
Surrender a weapon and the death of a son.
A cross the symbol of love; sweet death is bliss.
And she is awoken by loves sweet kiss.
My eyes are now open and I see The King
Our passionate duet forever we sing.

Like The Brook

"Peace be still! " Were the words from you.
As I sat beside the stream*

And then you said,

"A brook or a stream knows its course. Its destination remains true.
It does not rush or hurry and neither should you.
It still sustains life and reaches its destiny
Its purpose fulfilled by the creator’s intentionality.
It still moves onward and sings its sweet song.
The light glistens on its edge as it ambles along.
For it knows it will torrent and its pace will quicken soon.
But for now, it will trickle and tumble along.
But one thing in its purpose. In this season it brings,
A peace and a rest, as it’s quiet song it sings.
So, rest child of God and go with Spirit’s flow.
For it’s His peace, He is building as forward you go.
For He knows of your frailty and the ardent path ahead.
So, rest in this season and be gently led."

*A gentle babbling brook, wending its way forward.
A gentle flow, staying the course. Not a torrent or cascade!


The path to humility
Is more of Him and less of me,
To come and bow before His throne
To make this place my only home.
To surrender and listen at His feet.
To hear His voice so strong and sweet.
To empty myself of me and mine,
And to be filled with His love divine.
To embrace in Him my true identity,
And to clothe myself in His humility
The path is not, to beat up my heart
Nor to crucify again my darker parts.
But sweet surrender and relinquished control
And give to Him my heart and soul.
To say ‘yes and amen’ to His voice
And in my lowliness rejoice
And so, I choose this path to Him
To prostrate myself before the King.

Destiny 2021

I find my place in His heart
As He resides in mine.
I find I am in the centre of His will,
When He is in the centre of mine.
Every moment of the day, He waits for my gaze.
Every breath an opportunity to speak His name.
Every flutter of my eye,
A chance to seek His face
And gaze into the eyes that gaze into mine.
No rules or control, but compelling love.
To know and be known by my king above.